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                 Sony PS3 Reball service




      Console Wizard are able to offer a Reball repair service for your Sony PS3


If your console suffers from the YLOD or graphics problems, this is is the permanent fix for these errors.


Have you been told that your console is un repairable?


This repair can repair most of the previously none repairable consoles. This would depend on the main board not being damage following an amateur repair attempt.


PLEASE NOTE:The Re-Ball Repair is dependant on the motherboard and the pads underneath the chip being in good condition,any previous bad heat gun repairs can have a very negative effect on the fix rate




                                        What causes this fault


These faults are caused by the fact that every manufacturer Sony, Microsoft, etc have to use Unleaded solder during the manufacturing of their games console.


This was considered a more reliable solution for the electronics industry due to the fact that unleaded solder has a higher melting point than Leaded Solder.


The only problem is that over time, Unleaded solder goes brittle and cracks, when this occurs this is when the console displays the RED light errors.




    An Example of Lead and Unleaded Solder after exhaustive heating / cooling





                                                       The solution


We can remove the Graphics processor from the main board


Replace this with a brand new Graphics processor


The benefit of this procedure is that we only use Leaded solder when re soldering the chip back onto the main board.


Leaded solder does not go brittle and crack, therefore is the ultimate fix for your console.


We use the latest state of the art Computer Controlled Dark Infrared BGA reflow stations to safely and professionally carry out this process.




The Re-ball process


1. Console is stripped down and cleaned


2. Graphics processor is removed from the main board and the main board cleaned of unleaded



3. A Brand new Graphics processor soldered to the main board using only LEADED solder.


4. Console is re assembled and serviced.


5. The console is exhaustively tested to ensure everything is working 100%




With this repair we extend the warranty given for the same fault occurring to 6 months ( some exclusions may apply).


This repair is more expensive than the standard reflow service we offer, but is still considerably cheaper than a repair carried out by Sony and comes with the extra warranty (6 months, instead of the normal 3 months)



                                            TO BOOK A REPAIR


1. Select the Reball option below


2. Select the shipping options you require below




Sony PS3 Reball option - the cost of this repair is 85.00







You can send up to three consoles in the same box for the same fixed courier charge of 18.00.


 Collection and Delivery


We use Parcel Force 24 to provide a next day service, which is fully insured both journeys and fully trackable. You can select the collection and delivery address yourself, this can be a place of work, etc.


   Total cost of 18.00







   Delivery Only

  You send the console to us and then after repair we ship it

   back to you via Parcel Force 24 service, fully trackable and insured.


   Total cost of 9.50





*******     NO FIX - NO FEE  ******


If we cannot fix your console and the console has not been repaired previously then there is no charge for the work we have carried out and we will issue you a full refund for the repair charge (excluding postal charges). If your console has had an unprofessional repair carried out previously and we are unable to repair your console, then a 25.00 repair charge will be deducted from the refunded repair fee (to cover the cost of the brand new graphics processor that will have been fitted)


This is to cover our time and materials used.


We have fixed thousands of Sony PS3 consoles of these problems.


We will repair your console and return it back to you normally within 3 - 5 days of receipt (if spares are in stock). We have thousands of happy customers !!


This repair come with a 6 month warranty on our repairs for your peace of mind. (exclusions may apply) 



Courier Collection / Delivery


This is fully insured up to 150.00 and track able. We can also arrange collection of the faulty console from yourself, if you would like this service then please contact us directly and we can make all the arrangements.





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