Jtag - RGH (reset Glitch Hack)

Xbox 360 JTAG - RGH (Reset Glitch Hack)

Do you want to be able to play games directly off the harddisk without having a DVD in the drive?

Do you want to be able to connect hard disks upto the size of 2TB?

Would you like to be able to run emulators of your favourite Retro consoles?

We have written a Blog to give you more information of this modification. Press HERE

The modification can be carried out on all the models of the Xbox 360 console.

Original  Xbox 360 (with a HDMI socket) – Slim Xbox 360 – Xbox 360e**

** This excludes the Xbox 360e 500gb version or Xbox 360e manufactured after August 2014.

More information regarding each each model of the Xbox 360 can be found on our main website

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